Short Story on God where an old woman smiles and in return the little boy also smiles.

Short Story on God

Here’s a Short Story on God is everywhere where you come to know when we smile then we also receive smiles in return. let’s start the story

Once there was a boy who decided to meet God.

He knew that the place where God lives is far so he packed his bag in which he put some boots, twinkies, and seven packs of root beer.

He started his journey and on his way, he sat at the park.

Beside him, there was an old lady who was sitting by staring at the pigeons.

The boy was hungry so he took out root beer and started drinking.

But before he start drinking he asked the old lady for the drink.

The old lady was thirsty so she couldn’t deny it and drank the root beer.

After drinking, she gave a smile and as the boy sees the smile he was happy seeing the smile.

Then he again asked the old lady for the drink then she again smiled.

The boy was delighted to see the best smile and cute smile.

They sat there drinking and smiling but not even uttered a word.

It grew dark then the boy realized how tired he was so he want to leave the place and return home.

He gathered all his belongings and started to leave.

Ongoing a few steps he returned and hugged the old woman.

She gave a big smile and they both leave for their homes.

When the boy entered his house and was opening his shoes he was smiling.

His mother asked, “Why are you smiling?”

The boy said, “Today I met God in the face of an old woman”

On the other hand when the old woman returned to his home she too was smiling.

Her son asked, “Why are you smiling mom?”

She said, “Today I met God in the form of a little boy”


God is everywhere so keep smiling and make everyone smile.


We see in life how people talk in a rude manner but if they talk politely with a smile then they will also talk with a smile on the face.

If we spread smiles then we also get smiles in return and it will make one’s day.

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