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Lion and Mouse Story Moral cave of the lion

Lion and Mouse Story Moral

Here’s a Lion and Mouse Story Moral where the lion who thinks the mouse to be useless but the mouse helped the lion when the lion got trapped. Once in a huge forest, there lived a lion. All the animals in the forest fear the lion. No one even dares to go near the cave […]

How to Solve Problems in Life camels story
Zen Story

How to Solve Problems in Life

Once there was a man who lived in a village. He was always troubled by one or the other problem and was not happy with his life. One day he got to know that a Zen master came into his village. He decided to met him and find out the solutions to his problems. When […]

a bird flying over the sea making the past to forget
Life Story

Forget The Past

Here’s a Forget The Past Inspiring story where the free bird carried the memories of the past and at the end died leaving behind stones. Once there was a bird who was free to fly. She could float to the sky, catching pray for her lunch. She could dive in the summer lakes to catch […]

brother and sister inspire us about Importance Of Time

Importance Of Time

Here’s a Importance Of Time story where a brother and sister depicts importance of time as sister does work on time and brother don’t. Once a brother and a sister were studying in the same school. The girl named Vani was elder and the boy named Sam was younger. One day Vani was completing her […]

The strong and tall Tree Story

The Tree Story

Here’s The Tree Story who was proud and strong but one day when a huge storm arrived the strong and proud tree was seen lying on the ground. Once there was a proud teak tree in the forest that just stood beside a small herb. The tree was tall and strong. The teak tree said […]

Saleem And The Beggar catching fishes

Saleem And The Beggar

Once there was Saleem who was a fisherman. Every morning he goes to the river to catch fish. He sells those fishes in the evening to earn his living. One day he was coming back to his home a beggar came to Saleem and asked him for some money so that he could buy food […]

Bad Habits Moral Story about sapling, plant and trees

Bad Habits Moral Story

Here’s a Bad Habits Moral Story where the boy understood and agreed to pull his bad habit out when it will be in the stage of sapling. Once there was a rich businessman who lived with his 8years old son. He loved his son but worried about his son’s bad habits. Worried about his son’s […]

Never Stop Trying elephant tied with rope

Never Stop Trying

Here’s a Never Stop Trying Inspiring Story where elephant was tied with a weak rope as he accepts defeat after trying and never tried again. Once a man was passing by. He saw a huge elephant tied with a thin rope. He wondered how it is possible. As there was no chain or any cage […]

Believe In Yourself village rain
Life Story

Believe In Yourself

Here’s a Believe In Yourself Inspiring Story where the old man believed in himself and start dancing until it starts to rain. Once there was a village that earn their living by farming. An old man lived in the village who was famous for calling rain by dancing. Whenever the old man dances the clouds […]

The Deer Story of drinking water from river

The Deer Story

Here’s The Deer Story where the deer got into problem from all sides but how god helped him to overcome the problems let’s see. Once there was a deer in a forest searching for water. The deer was very thirsty but he couldn’t find the water. After searching for a long the deer sat under […]