Unity is Strength Story of doves flying

Unity is Strength Story

Here’s Unity is Strength Story where the doves who got trapped with the help of unity get out of the trap and proves unity is strength.

Once there was a flock of doves flying in the forest.

The dove’s king was also with them flying in search of food.

One day they all flew a long distance and were very tired.

The king advised the flock to fly a little further.

The small doves took the speed and found some rice under a banyan tree.

So, all the doves landed to eat the rice.

Suddenly a net was thrown at them and all the doves got trapped.

The doves fluttered their wings to get out of the net but they failed.

Then the king dove has an idea.

The king dove told all the doves to fly together and carry the net with them.

They all fluttered the wings together and they all took the net and flew.

The hunter who was approaching was astonished to see the net was flying with the doves.

He tried to follow them but the doves fly to the hills and mountains.

They flew towards a hill where a mouse lived.

He was a good friend of the dove king.

When the mouse heard the noise of the dove he hide inside the hole.

Then he was called and when the mouse came out he saw the doves were trapped inside the net.

The king dove insisted to cut the net and help them come out of the net.

The mouse agreed and he cut the net of the king dove and freed him first.

Then the mouse cut the net and freed all the doves.

They all thanked the mouse for the help.

The king dove said, “Unity is Strength.”


Unity is a strength when there is collaboration then any goal can be achieved.


We see in life how people get divided and ruled by other people.

But if they collaborate then their goal must be achieved.

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