Frogs Story ready for the race

Frogs Story

Here’s a Frogs Story where the frogs decided to race to the top of the tower. People said they can’t reach the goal but one of them won.

Once there were many frogs gathered at a place in a town.

They all were talking about doing something for their entertainment.

So one of the frogs said let’s walk to the sweet shop to and fro.

One of the frogs suggested racing.

The frogs listened to the race and got energized.

So the majority of the frogs were ready for the race.

But one of the frogs stood and said let’s race to climb the top of the tower.

Whoever reaches the tower top will win the race.

Now all the frogs were ready for the race.

Now the race got to start and the people started to gather around.

The people were cheering the contestant.

Some of them were saying they can’t reach the top, they will not succeed because the tower is too high.

So the tiny frogs started collapsing one by one.

But one of them was climbing on the tower higher and higher.

The crowd started to yell that the frogs will not reach their goals it was too difficult.

Many tiny frogs got tired and gave up.

But there was only one frog who didn’t give up and was climbing higher and higher.

Everyone gave up but the only frog after so much effort reached the top of the tower.

Now all the frogs wanted to know how the tiny frog managed to do it.

The crowd question was also the same.

One of the people asked how the tiny frog reached the top of the tower.

Then they come to know that the winner was deaf.


Success listens only to applause, to all else it is deaf.


We see in life how people gave up listening to the people that he can’t do it.

So be deaf to the crowd, be deaf to the haters, be deaf to the people who don’t give you chance, only listen to your heart and dream.

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