Sparrow death story

Sparrow Story

Here’s a Sparrow Story where the sparrow was right of not stealing the curd but the crow didn’t listen and due to his act the sparrow died.

Once there were two best friends sparrow and a crow.

They lived on a banyan tree for years.

One day they were very hungry and decided to go to a village for some food.

When they reached the village they saw a man carrying a pot on his head.

The pot contains fresh curd which he was taking to the market to sell.

The crow and the sparrow followed the man.

After walking some distance the man sat under a tree to take some rest.

The crow and the sparrow sat on a nearby tree as they were also tired of flying behind the man.

The crow said this is the best time when we can eat the fresh curd.

The sparrow replied how we can do that?

The crow laughed and said, “It’s very easy, see me first then you can try”

After saying this the crow flew to the pot and started eating the curd.

The curd was so fresh that the crow eat with full enjoyment.

Then after some time the man woke up and continued his journey.

The crow said to the sparrow why are you not eating the curd.

The sparrow replied this is not right to steal and eat someone’s curd.

Then again the crow continued to eat the curd and the sparrow followed the man till he reached the market.

When the man put down the pot from his head he saw the curd was half empty.

He looked here and there with anger and suddenly saw the crow’s beak was full of curd.

He took a big stone and threw it in the direction of the crow.

The crow somehow dodged the attack but the sparrow didn’t get the time and was hit by the stone.

The sparrow got injured and fell to the ground.

The crow flew away without bothering his friend.


One should know who are their friends who would stay during their bad times.


We see in life how people cheat their best friends for some amount of money or land.

They break their friendship for some material things.

They don’t know that friendship is a relationship that is made with hearts not by relation.

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