A Glass of Milk Story

A Glass of Milk Story

Here’s A Glass of Milk Story where the boy who was poor get help from the pretty girl and when she need help God sent the boy.

Once there was a boy who was poor and earn his living by selling newspapers from door to door.

The boy gives his college fee by selling the newspapers.

One day when he was giving the newspaper he felt low and he started to faint.

He thought of resting for a while and knocked on one of the doors.

The door opened and a beautiful girl came and the boy asked for a glass of water.

The girl saw the boy’s condition and brought a glass full of milk.

The boy sat and drank a full glass of milk and asked how much I pay for the glass of milk.

The pretty girl refused to take the money and the boy left.

After years when the girl grew up, she came to know about a problem in her nerve which is not very easy to cure.

She fell ill and with the disease of nervous disorder, taken to the best hospital for her treatment.

All the doctors gave up on her and the last hope was neuro expert Dr. Kevin who called from abroad.

He came and saw the girl’s disease which was very rare and found in a percent of the human being.

She had been treated for a month and in the end, she felt good and her illness was cured.

When she woke up from her bed she thought that treatment in such a hospital is very costly.

She worried about the hospital bill.

When she was getting discharged the bill of her treatment came into her hands.

When she opened the bill she was astonished to see that the bill amount was 0.

Surprised to see and she saw a note in the envelope from Dr. Kevin.

When she opened it written, “Bill paid years ago with a glass of milk


Good work returns in some or another way.


We see in life how people say what will happen if I help him so they ignore and live their own way.

They don’t know what’s God is planning so help others with a good heart and never ignore anyone who is in need.

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