Four Friends Story of a hunter

Four Friends Story

Here’s a Four Friends Story where the turtle who got trapped but his friends were there to help and at the end got saved from the hunter.

Once there were three friends crow, a deer, and a mouse who lived in a jungle.

They were very good friends.

One day a turtle came to them and asked, “I am alone, can I also join your company to become your friend?”

The crow replied, “Yes why not.”

Soon they become very good friends.

One day they were talking about the hunter in the jungle.

They were planning to be safe from that hunter and suddenly the hunter appeared.

The deer ran into the jungle, the crow flew away and the rat ran into the hole.

But the turtle want to run fast but he couldn’t.

So the hunter took the turtle up and put him into a net.

The hunter wants to catch the deer but no worry something is better than nothing.

He took the turtle with him for his meal.

The friend of the turtle was worried about their friend.

So, they decided on a plan to free the turtle so the crow flew high and found the location of the hunter who was near the river.

The deer ran fast and without knowing the hunter get ahead of him and slept on the way as it seems dead.

The hunter was happy as he saw the dead deer and thought of eating the flesh and selling the skin at the market.

The hunter put the turtle down on the ground and went to deer.

The mouse came and cut the net of the turtle.

As the hunter was near to the dear the deer sprang up and ran into the forest.

The hunter couldn’t know what happened and when he returned to the place where he kept the turtle he found the net was cut.

Now he has nothing so he went out of the jungle empty-handed.

The turtle thanked his friends and lived happily together.


A true friend is one who helps when you are in difficult times.


We see in life how people leave their friends in danger and walk off knowingly.

So a true friend is one who doesn’t make your problem disappear they are the ones who won’t disappear when you are facing a problem.

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