Sharing is Caring Story

Sharing is Caring Story

Here is a great inspirational story Sharing is Caring for a little boy who doesn’t want to share things with anyone. Let’s see how did he learned the important lesson.

John was a selfish boy.

He never shared his toys with anyone.

His parents were concerned about how they could teach him kindness and sharing.

One day John was returning home from school on his new bicycle.

As John watched, the boy fell into a ditch and injured himself.

The boy cried, ”ah! Can’t move my arm ”.

John would not help anyone but that day, he lend a helping hand to the boy.

So he ran to him and helped him get up.

He said to the boy, “Look, you have broken your hand. Sit back and I will take you to the hospital ”.

Later that evening, the boy’s parents visited John and thanked him, “He is a very nice boy, God will always bless you ”.

John feels this feeling for the first time and he was happy as he saved the boy.

After they left, John’s father said, “Son, look at the blessings you have received by being kind and sharing.”

John understood the value of kindness and decided to share it regularly.


Sharing is an excellent moral value, which means caring towards the one whom we help.


We see in life how we don’t even share our things with our brother and sisters and we fight.

We must come forward to help because the feeling we get after helping other’s is amazing.

And if we ignore it after that we regret it, so the most important lesson we learned is that Sharing is Caring.

So let’s decide now if someone needs help we will provide help and never ignore it no matter what.

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