Tiger Short Story in English

Tiger Short Story in English

Here’s a Tiger Short Story in English where the Tiger lost his roar but when time came the animals needs his roar and what happens let’s see.

Once there was a tiger who lived in a jungle.

He woke up and stepped outside the cave.

The birds greeted the lion with a cheerful morning.

The lion also told them Good morning with a big roar.

Then he went down to the trees.

Whenever he greets anyone he roars like thunder.

As soon the tiger walks away after greeting everyone in the jungle complains about the tiger’s loud roar.

They all say, “It’s so loud I can hardly hear myself.”

When the tiger returned to the cave at night saying goodbye to everyone they all ignored him.

He asked the reason and knew about the loud roar.

The tiger was upset and went to his cave.

The next day when he woke up he greeted the birds and as he wanted to roar he couldn’t.

Then again he tried but failed to do so.

The birds were happy seeing this and informed everyone about the tiger’s roar.

Everyone was happy and thanked god now they can sing merely and hear their voices.

That day the monkey came and told all animals that a group of hunters was coming, so hide as soon as possible.

The hunter camped in the jungle.

As the animals saw they went to the tiger and said, “Help us, the hunter will kill us and sell our skins.”

The tiger came out of the cave and tried to roar but failed.

Then someone from the animal told the tiger that he can do it.

Then everyone started cheering and again the tiger tried and he roared so hard that the hunters ran leaving their guns behind.

The tiger finally got his roar back.


Everything that God made has a purpose.


We see in life how a group of people insist to accept something but after that, they don’t know what will be going to happen to them.

So accept what God gave you and be happy with it.

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