Spiritual Story of an old man sitting under the tree

Spiritual Story

Here’s a Spiritual Story where a young was in search of a perfect master so he decided to ask the old man who was sitting under the tree.

Once there was a man lived in a village.

One day he thought to find a master so that he would be his disciple.

He began to search the master.

After searching for days in the village he found no one.

As soon as he decided to search outside the village and went out he saw an old man sitting under the tree.

On seeing the old man he approached him and decided to ask his question.

He asked the man, “Are you the rambler?”

The man sitting under the tree replied, “Yes I am the rambler”

The man searching for the master asked the question, “I am searching for a perfect master so that I could become his disciple. You know any of them and where can I find him?”

The old man suggested to him some places and the man went on thinking to the old man.

The man walks thirty years in search of the master.

He was rejected from everywhere so he decided to come back to his village.

Entering the village the man saw the same old man who became more old sitting under the tree.

Soon he recognized him as his master.

He asked his master why didn’t you say when I met you the first time that you are the master?

The old master replied, “That was not the time for you to call me a master. You have to gain some experience so I send you to wander the world and meet well as well as bad peoples so that you would gain some experience.”

He continued at that time when you came to me you were unknown about my presence but after gaining experience you recognized me as the master.

For thirty years I have been waiting for you under this tree so that you come back to this tree.

The man looked at that tree and thought that when I came to ask the old man question then I didn’t recognize this tree but in my dreams, a man was sitting under the tree and the man is my master.

He realized that if he would have recognized the tree thirty years before then he would have recognized that the man who was sitting under the tree was his master.


Everything was ready but the man was not ready.


We see in life how we miss many chances and opportunities regarding our lives.

The time was ready for us with the situation but we are not ready for it.

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