Sage and King Story where the sage was meditating

Sage and King Story

Here’s a Sage and King Story where the sage helped the king and in return didn’t take anything but in future took help from God.

Once there was a king who got badly hurt in the battle.

The doctor refused to treat him because the wound was so deep that they couldn’t help the king.

Then after some days passed king heard about a sage who is visiting his kingdom.

The king called the sage and asked him for help.

The sage touch healed the king’s wound.

Then the king offered the sage a bag full of gold coins.

But the sage refused to take the money.

He said I have taken an oath that I will help others without any material thing in return.

So the king promised to help the sage if he will anything in the future.

The sage agreed and went out of the palace.

After some days when the sage’s cow was not giving milk then he thought about the help of the king.

When he went to the king he was waiting outside the temple.

As the king was praying inside.

After praying when the king was coming out he saw the sage was leaving the place without meeting him.

The king stopped the sage and asked, “Why are you leaving without meeting me?”

The sage replied, “I have come here for your help but after seeing you praying I was returning to my home.”

The king asked, “I have promised to help you so tell me the problem?”

The sage said, “I have taken an oath that if somebody is poor and begging then I will not ask him for help.”

The king didn’t understand what the sage was telling.

Then the sage cleared the king by saying, “As I saw you begging to god for more money and fame. Then I thought that if you are begging then I shouldn’t ask you for help. And the god had shown me if I need something then I would ask from God.”


Everyone who is in need of help must beg from God because he has created you and this world. The only one who could help is God.


We see in life how people ask for help from others and if they don’t then they feel bad but if you beg from God then you will get help from god without any condition.

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