Accept The Situation story of three statues

Accept The Situation

Here’s Accept The Situation Inspiring Story where the king happily live his life but his favorite statues broke then what happened lets see?

Once there was a king lived who bought three very expensive statues.

The king loved the statues so much that he ordered the guards to take care of them every minute.

So he called a servant to clean the statues every day.

The servant cleaned the statues so nicely that they look new.

One day the servant did a little mistake due to which one of the statues fell and broke.

The servant bought in the court in front of the king.

The king ordered to hand him death.

As he listened to his death sentence he ran towards the statues.

The king said to catch him as he is trying to run away.

But the servant went where the statues were kept and broke the remaining statues and returned to the court.

The king shocked and asked why did you break the remaining statues.

The servant replied, “I did a mistake and I got the death sentence. Someday someone will do another mistake due to which the other statue will break and then again someone will get a death sentence I thought that why he will get punished so I broke all the statues as I already got a death sentence. So why not save two lives and die.”

The king amazed by the answer of the servant.

The king asked the servant how come you know such things as you are a servant?

He replied As the statues are not immortal nor we human beings are.

So we are human beings and God made us all and he is the only one to decide everyone’s fortune.

If you are living a happy and prosperous life by the grace of God and one day a small incident happens and you don’t know what to do.

If God is giving you a better life so thank him and if something bad happens then also thank them.

Because whatever God does there is a reason behind it.


God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom but we have to trust his will.


We see in life how people didn’t take decisions when God give them some problems.

If you thank God for a happy life then you had to accept the bad times also.

This is what life is.

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