How minds change we see with sinking boat

How Minds Change

Here’s a How Minds Change Inspiring Story where the merchant who promised to give fisherman his property but gave only Rs 5 let’s see.

Once there was a merchant who came to his village.

After returning after years to his village he thought of visiting the temple.

The temple was at the other end of the river.

So he saw a boat and he left the shore to reach the temple.

When he was crossing the river he didn’t recognize that the boat has a hole.

The boat started to sink.

A fisherman was passing by in a small boat.

The merchant pleaded, “Take me in your small boat, I am ready to give you everything. I will give you all my wealth and property but save me.”

Thus the merchant who almost sank was saved by the fisherman.

The merchant sat on the fisherman’s boat.

As the boat began to row towards the shore, the merchant thought that I had pleaded my whole property when I was sinking but now if I give him everything then what should I be left with?

So the merchant told the fisherman, “Look I want to give you everything as I promised by my wife will not allow me so I will give you half of my property. And the rest will be for my family.”

The fisherman looked at the merchant but was quiet.

As the boat went ahead, the merchant thought that the fisherman has not done much he simply save me which was his dharma.

It’s a sign of humanity and everyone must follow.

So he simply did his duty and if he doesn’t save me then it would have been a sin.

So he thought that It was him who saved him from doing sin.

Again the merchant told the fisherman, “We can do one thing I will give you 1/4th of my property.”

The fisherman didn’t tell anything.

The boat reached the shore and the merchant took out a Rs 5 note and gave it to the fisherman.

The fisherman returned the money and said that even this is not required.

I did my dharma to save you.


Our greatest battles are with our minds.


We see in life how people promise and then break them by giving excuses.

So if you think to do a good deed then do it otherwise if you keep it for tomorrow then it will never happen.

And if we want to get angry then we do it within seconds and when it comes to good things then we postponed it.

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