Mango Tree Story of a dispute between two brothers

Mango Tree Story

Here’s a Mango Tree Story where the two brothers who were telling that the mango tree belongs to him at last Birbal found the real owner.

Once there were two friends who went to the Great Akbar’s court.

They bought a dispute regarding the ownership of a big mango tree near their homes.

Both claimed to be the rightful owners accusing each other of falsehood.

Since the mango tree loaded with mangoes, neither was willing to withdraw their claim.

The great Akbar ordered an investigation and started listening to the statements of the people around the brother’s home.

But nothing changed as no conclusions and solution found.

There was a watchman who was responsible for overseeing the tree but couldn’t confirm who the real owner was as both the brothers paid him for the care.

The Akbar called his wise advisor Birbal who’s known for his clever solution.

The Birbal after listening to the story decided to expose the truth.

Birbal secretly detained the watchman and sent a messenger to both the brothers with false news.

Each was told that an unknown person was planning to steal all the mangoes from the tree.

The messenger went to the younger brother’s house and informed his wife about the theft, as he was not home so his wife conveyed the message to him.

As he listened he told his wife to eat first then we could deal with the thief later.

As we have taken the issue to the emperor’s court and also facing a thief with an empty stomach is not wise.

The messenger who went to the elder’s brother’s house re-laid the same false statement to his wife.

As he returned home and his wife conveyed the information to him he immediately grabbed a stick and rushed towards the mango tree saying that I won’t let the thief escape.

Following the orders given by Birbal, the messenger informed him about the reactions.

Armed with this information, Birbal presented the real story to the emperor Akbar during the court session the next day.

The emperor announced his decision that the elder brother was the real owner of the mango tree and punished the younger for the false claim.


Those who work hard and genuinely strive for their possessions receive their due respect. And deceivers ultimately face consequences, so it’s essential never to deceive others.


We see in life how people make false claims and sometimes win.

So, one day they have to definitely face consequences.

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