Akbar and Birbal Story where Akbar lost in the woods

Akbar and Birbal

Here’s a Akbar and Birbal story who is Mahesh Das and how Abkar got to know him and what did he rewarded with let’s see

Once Akbar went to the jungle for a hunt.

He went alone to the jungle and then lost the way.

In between the woods he was shouting for help but there was no one.

Little far away from the woods, a young man named Mahesh Das lived in the hut.

He heard the voice and ran into the woods.

He saw the emperor Akbar and said, “I have recognized you and you are searching the way to the palace I will help you out”

Mahesh Das showed the way to the palace.

When leaving, Emperor Akbar gave him his emerald ring and told him to visit his palace where he will give more gifts.

Mahesh Das took the ring and agreed to visit the palace.

After two days when Mahesh Das went to meet Abkar, the guard stopped him.

Guards said, “you are not likely in a condition to meet the emperor”

Mahesh Das replied, “He told me to meet him in the palace so that I will be honored with gifts and see the ring which emperor himself gave me”

After seeing the ring the guard allowed to meet the king but in a condition whatever the reward will be you have to share half of the reward.

There no other way so Mahesh Das agreed.

When he was presented in front of emperor Akbar recognized him and said, “Oh my young friend in the woods what do you want, tell me”

He said “50 lashed”

Everyone in the room surprised by the gift he wants from the emperor.

Emperor agreed and told his servants to start lashing him.

As the 25th lash was completed he told them to stop.

And asked the emperor to call the guard because I have made a deal to give him half of the gift which I get.

Emperor Akbar called the guard and ordered to give him the remaining 25 lashes and 5years imprisonment.

Then emperor Akbar offered Mahesh Das to be in the palace and serve as his royal advisor.

Mahesh das served many years in Akbar’s advisory.


Never be greedy because you will only get what God has decided. Our work is to work hard and enjoy life.


We see in life how many people fall in greed and then lost their life.

So be a good human being and never have greed in your brains.

Do good things and your life will then be good.

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