the blind story of Akbar and Birbal

The List of Blind Story

Here’s The List of Blind Story were we see how Birbal uses his intelligence and found out all the blind people’s from the kingdom.

Once Akbar decided to give the blind people some contribution.

He called Birbal and ordered him to find out how many people are there in his kingdom who are blind.

Birbal went out in the kingdom and started searching for the blind peoples.

He took a paper and who he sees count and write on that paper.

After the search was over he placed the paper to the Emperor Akbar.

Akbar said after seeing that paper, “Start our work of contribution to the blind people”.

But Birbal was not listening to Akbar but was thinking of something.

Then suddenly Birbal wanted to speak something.

Birbal told Akbar that the number on that paper is not right there are more blind people.

In fact it is more than the sighted people.

As soon as Akbar listened he ordered Birbal to show him proof of what he was telling.

Birbal decided to prove what he just told.

He took a stick and at the top wrap up the white cloth and started waving at the middle of the kingdom.

He wispered into his servant ear’s and made him stand beside him.

Birbal started to wave the cloth and everybody who were passing by was confused what Birbal was doing and everybody asked him, “What are you doing?”.

When someone asks Birbal the question the servant beside him writes something on the paper.

This goes on and a wild fire spread through the kingdom which Akbar also came to know.

Akbar himself went to Birbal and as he saw he asked the question “What are you doing Birbal”?

Then the servant writes something on paper.

Birbal as recognize the Birbal he stops and meet Akbar.

Then he told Akbar that he got the number of how many people are there in this kingdom who is blind.

When he sees the paper he saw that his name was also there at the last.

He asked Birbal why my name is there in the list?

Birbal replied, “You were the last person who had asked the question what I was doing, as you clearly see that I was waving the cloth”.

After listening to Birbal Akbar laughed and agreed to what Birbal said.


We must see this world and human being beautiful as it is. First see, think and then take action.


Everybody should learn from The List of Blind Story how to see ,recognize then act accordingly.

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