Akbar Birbal well story of a farmer and neighbor

Akbar Birbal Well Story

Here’s a Akbar Birbal Well Story where Birbal took the good decision due to which the neighbor’s cheating come in front of people let’s see.

Once there was a farmer who has a very big farm.

With the big farm, it needs water so the farmer decided to buy a well near his farm which was own by his neighbor.

The farmer went to his neighbor and asked to sell the well and the neighbor agreed.

Then the farmer purchased the well and was happy.

The next day when he went to take out water from the well the neighbor told him not to take water from the well.

The farmer was confused.

And asked I have purchased the well from you so why can’t I take water from the well.

The neighbor replied you have purchased the well, not the water.

Then the farmer took this matter to court in front of the emperor Akbar.

In the court of Akbar, he called Birbal to listen to the matter and solve the problem.

In the count, they asked what happened the farmer said I have bought the well from my neighbor but now he is telling me that you will not take water from the well because you have purchased the well, not the water.

Birbal listened to their story and ordered them to end the count and meet tomorrow near the well.

The member of the court along with Birbal, the farmer, and the neighbor were there.

After looking inside the well Birbal said yes it’s right you cannot take the water out of the well because you have purchased the well, not the water.

Then Birbal called the neighbor and told him yes you are right but as the farmer has purchased the well from you so there are only two options available either pay the rent of the water which is inside the well or take your water out of the well immediately.


Cheating is for a little time as when the truth will come it will blow every technic of cheating.


We see in life how people cheat and will call themselves sharp-minded.

When their cheating comes out to everyone then they feel ashamed and then hide their face from everyone.

So anyone has done any cheating then do accept it and tell them sorry.

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