Sharpness of Mind

Sharpness of Mind

Here’s a Sharpness of Mind Inspiring Story where Birbal freed the servant who was innocent by using his sharpness of mind and it’s an inspiration.

Once Birbal was unwell so he was sleeping on his bed.

As soon as he woke up he called his special servants who were responsible to take care of the emperor Akbar.

No one was there but a servant was sweeping.

He listened to the voice of the Akbar and ran to him with the glass of water.

Akbar saw the glass of water and immediately took the glass and drank the water.

Then the servants who were taking care of the Akbar came and told the sweeper to get out of the room.

The sweeper went out.

After some time Akbar was not feeling well so he called the hakim to check his health of Akbar.

Then also Akbar’s health was not good.

Then an astrologer came to see the health of the Akbar.

He told Akbar that someone he met was wretched, and due to this, the health of Akbar is unwell.

Then Akbar thought that he met the sweeper in the morning.

Then he got angry and told the servants to hang him to death.

As the news went to Birbal he went to see the sweeper who was in jail.

Birbal told him that he will save him don’t worry.

Then Birbal went to Akbar.

Akbar told to Birbal that he will hang the wretched person of his kingdom.

Then Birbal said, “If I will bring the more wretched person than him then you will hang that man?”

Akbar thought and replied yes.

Birbal said when the sweeper was doing his work in the morning he went and served you water.

So he has seen the face of you and then he was now going to hand to death.

So the most wretched person is you so don’t hang yourself because we love you.

Akbar listened to the answer of Birbal and started laughing.

The sweeper was out of jail and the astrologer was given the work to clean the horses.


To live a life one should need food, water, and a sharp mind.


We see in life that people are fooled and are being used.

So train your mind so that you can tackle any problems in life.

The first step towards achieving your goal is to get up from your comfort zone and take the first step towards your destination.

As many problems, you face to achieve your destination your mind will also become sharp.

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