Birbal's Khichdi Story where pot was hung a foot up from the fire

Birbal’s Khichdi

Here’s a Birbal’s Khichdi Story Birbal make Akbar understand his mistake with the help of Khichdi pot which was hanging top of the stick.

Once Akbar and Birbal were walking along the street at night.

They came near the lake and Birbal get an idea.

He told his idea to Akbar that is there any man who would be there in this lake for the whole night.

Akbar put his finger in the lake and started shivering.

Akbar challenged Birbal there would no one who will be there the whole night in the lake and if someone does so then I will reward him with 100 gold coins.

Birbal accepted the challenge and searched for a poor man in the kingdom.

Birbal took the whole day to search for a poor man.

Then he found a man who was poor and he agreed to be in the lake for a whole night.

Birbal took him to the lake and make him stand in the middle of the lake.

Birbal put some servants near the lake because they will see the poor man will come out of the lake before sunrise.

The night went and at the sunrise, the servants took the poor man to the court and appeared in front of Akbar.

The old man told he was there in the lake for the whole night.

Then Akbar asked, “What made you there the whole night?”

The poor man replied, “there was a street light to which he was seeing and make himself feel warm”

After listening to this Akbar refused to give the prize amount and said, “You feel warm with the street light so you will not get the prize amount”

The poor man worried and went to Birbal.

The poor man told everything to Birbal.

Then the next day when the count formed Birbal was not present.

Abkar ordered his servants to call Birbal from his home.

The servants returned and told Akbar, “He will not come till his khichri got cooked”

Akbar was surprised but he waited for Birbal.

Hours ago Birbal didn’t turn up so Akbar decided to go to his house to call Birbal.

When he went to his house he saw Birbal was sitting near the pot which was hanging a foot up from the fire.

After seeing Akbar said to Birbal, “How will the khichri cook it is hung at very high”

Birbal said to Akbar this is what I am trying to tell you how a man feels warm by only seeing the light.

Abkar was sorry to the poor man and gave him the prize amount.


Even a small light will feel you warm in the cold lake. If you want something to do then all your powers work thereby making you succeed.


We see in life how people don’t do things when they see it difficult.

But they don’t know that after completing the work there will be a reward.

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