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How To Be Intelligent

Here’s a How To Be Intelligent Inspiring Story where the daughter with her clever mind came out of the tough situation cleverly.

Once there was a businessman who faced a major loss in his business.

So he took a loan from another businessman.

But as days passed by he couldn’t able to return the money which he took from the businessmen.

The man who lent money to the businessmen was an old man.

The old man desired to have the businessmen’s daughter.

So he offered the businessmen an offer.

If he allows his daughter to be his wife then he will forgive his loan.

The businessman didn’t allow his daughter to marry an old man.

Then the old man had a plan.

He again offered him a game and said let’s put a black and white stone in a box.

One of us will take out a stone.

If the white stone comes then your loan will be forgiven and I will not marry your daughter.

And if the black stone comes then your loan will be forgiven and your daughter will become my wife.

The businessman thought for days and he told about the offer to his daughter.

She agreed to play the game.

That day the whole people of the town gathered to see what will be the result and who will win.

The daughter was given the box to pick one of the stones.

As she put her hand inside the box, she saw that both the stone was black in color.

If she took out any stone then she has to marry him or else if she tells everyone about the cheating of the old man then one day the old man will take revenge.

So she was thinking about something for a while.

Then she suddenly took out a stone from the box and acted as if it fell from her hand.

Now on the ground, there was plenty of white and black stone.

Everyone confused that which color she took out.

Then she announced that let’s check the other stone inside the box then we will come to know what stone I picked first.

So, she took out the black stone from the box which means she picked the white stone first.


Thinking cleverly in tough situations makes one intelligent.


We see in life how people trapped if they don’t think cleverly.

If one thinks cleverly then no one trap in any situation.

And the bad situation is not permanent it will go someday.

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