Faithful Dog Story where the dog saved a child

Faithful Dog Story

Here’s a Faithful Dog Story where a Dog who was so faithful that he didn’t even thought of his life and attacked the wolf. let’s see

Ritesh lived in town but loved nature.

On his son’s birthday, he decided to book a cottage in the forest where he will celebrate his son’s birthday.

They left a day before and booked a cottage where they can see the animals of the forest.

When they were entering the cottage, a dog was sitting near the door of the cottage.

Ritesh’s son Raj who was a five-year little boy saw the dog and offered him some biscuits.

The dog ate that biscuit and he never left roaming around raj.

As the birthday was celebrated the elder people of the family decided to go for the hunt.

Raj with the babysitter remained in the cottage.

They went hunting and when returned they saw the door of the cottage was opened.

Ritesh and his wife entered the house and saw the dog’s mouth was full of bloodstains.

With a loud voice he started to call the babysitter and his son but no reply came.

Ritesh assumed that the dog killed his son so they started beating the dog.

Soon the babysitter appeared with raj and they all were stunned to see them.

They stopped beating the dog and asked what happened?

The babysitter told after you all went a wolf entered the cottage and his eyes were on Raj.

Then the dog came and jumped onto the wolf and at that time I took raj and entered the room and shut it from inside.

At that time the dog killed the wolf.

All the family members were embarrassed about what they did to the dog.

The dog who saved Raj and we were beating him.

Soon the wife of Ritesh brought and give a first aid kit to the dog.

After that, the dog became a member of the family.


Anger is evil and the decision taken in anger will never be right. Then they had to regret all his life.


We see in life how people take the decision in anger and then regret the whole of his life.

So whatever the situation we must decide with peace of mind.

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