Palace of Akbar where Birbal will be hung.

Akbar and Birbal Story

Once Akbar was out to play hunt. On the way when he took out his sword, his thumb got hurt and blood was coming out.

He ordered his servants to call the hakim.

Suddenly Birbal came and looked at his thumb and said that my lord whatever happens happens for its best.

Akbar became angry and replied to Birbal what good happened when my thumb got cut.

I thought you were a good friend of mine but you were not, Birbal.

Akbar immediately ordered his servants to take Birbal and hang him on the rope when the sun arises.

All the servants took Birbal and here Akbar alone continued to play hunt.

On the way, some Adivasis caught Akbar and took him to their tribe and tied him with the rope.

They put him above the fire and they started dancing.

In between one Adivasi saw his thumb was cut so he shouted and said we can’t sacrifice him due to his cut on the thumb.

They left Akbar and he was crying, screaming, and running towards his palace Birbal Birbal.

When he arrives he sees that after some time Birbal will be hung.

He ordered to release Birbal and said sorry to him and narrated what has happened to him.

In a poor condition, Birbal again said that whatever happens happens for its best.

Again Akbar got shocked that what he had done to Birbal after he is again telling this.

Akbar said Birbal that have you gone mad or what.

Birbal replied that if I would have gone with you in playing hunt then the Adivasis would have sacrificed me.


We should never be upset about our situations in life because we never know what God has decided for us. So thank god for every good and bad and have patience.


We see today that we have no patience and we complain god and sometimes we do bad to someone.

We don’t know whatever happens for a reason.

So don’t be cruel or angry instead pray god that whatever you have done to me will be in my favor in the future.

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