How To Become a Good Human Being a polite disciple leaves the village

How To Become a Good Human Being

Here’s How To Become a Good Human Being Inspiring story where the disciple realizes that being a good human being is important.

Once there Buddha lived with his disciples.

When the disciple achieved enlightenment then he used to tell that disciple to go that way, live there, and spread knowledge.

But there was a disciple who was living with the Buddha for 6 years.

So he thought why didn’t the Buddha tell him to go somewhere and spread knowledge?

So, he went to the Buddha and asked him, “Is there any lack in my knowledge, why you haven’t ordered me yet to go somewhere and preach.”

Buddha replied, “You need some more time so be here and preach.”

The disciple got irritated and said, then there might be some lack in your knowledge and you could not teach me properly.

Buddha understood that he would not understand.

So he told him to go in the East direction there was a small village.

You have to go there spend the whole day in the village and try to spread knowledge and return with alms.

The next morning, he was very excited to go there.

But when he returned in the evening he was injured with marks on his face and body.

Buddha took care of him and the disciple started complaining that the villagers were not good at all they beat me and when asked for alms they threw it on the ground.

The same day buddha called another disciple and sent him to the same village.

The disciple when returned in the evening was also in the same condition.

He looked injured and got marks in the face and body.

Buddha asked what happened he said, that the villagers were very good people.

One of them gave me alms by throwing it on the ground.

But I accepted it and told him that good luck and be happy.

When I was returning, I saw a small kid who was very ill.

So, I ran to the forest for plant leaves to heal the kid.

Then I started the treatment but the villagers started attacking.

That one person who gave me alms stood by my side and made the villagers understand that he was not harming the kid or anyone.

After the treatment, the kid was fine.

So the villagers started clapping and told the disciple to come tomorrow to their village.

The first disciple fell on the feet of the Buddha and said you have given me knowledge but it was me who was lacking.


Focus on being a good person and good times will follow.


We see in life how we are running for creating a good time for us.

But if we invest to become a Good man then definitely the good time will follow us.

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