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Mango Tree Story of a dispute between two brothers
Akbar & Birbal

Mango Tree Story

Here’s a Mango Tree Story where the two brothers who were telling that the mango tree belongs to him at last Birbal found the real owner. Once there were two friends who went to the Great Akbar’s court. They bought a dispute regarding the ownership of a big mango tree near their homes. Both claimed […]

the golden swan garden with fountain

The Golden Swan

Here’s The Golden Swan story where the two friends fighting for the swan but they were fighting because the swan belongs to you. Once there were two close friends Dholu and Vasu lived in a village. The feeling of affection was so much that they both were always ready to help each other. One day […]

rich man story in english who believes in dharma and karma
Life Story

Rich Man Story in English

Here’s a Rich Man Story in English where we see how the rich man follows dharma and karma and what he gets in return let’s see. Once there was a man who was very rich. He has so much wealth but he didn’t have any attitude. He believed in dharma and karma. Everyone who comes […]