The Pot of Wit

The Pot of Wit

Here’s The Pot of Wit Story where Akbar ordered to fill the pot with wit or with jewels and gold but Birbal has an idea.

Once Emperor Akbar got very angry with his minister Birbal.

In anger, he told Birbal to leave his kingdom.

Birbal with his bowhead left the kingdom and went to another village.

There he started working on a farm without revealing his identity.

Many days passed Akbar started remembering Birbal because he was not able to handle the court.

So he ordered his servants to find out Birbal.

The servants came back with empty hands because no one knows where Birbal was.

Then the emperor Akbar has an idea. He called all the heads of villagers and ordered to bring the emperor a pot full of wit.

And if somebody fails to do so then the pot should be filled with diamonds and jewels.

This message spread to every village and every villager was talking about it.

Birbal also came to know about the message.

Every villager was talking about how can we fill a pot with wit because wit is not a thing.

Somewhere Birbal was standing and told the villagers to give him a chance so that he could fill the pot with wit.

Every villager was surprised and gave a chance to Birbal.

Birbal hides his identity.

Birbal took the pot and went to the place where he farms.

He put a small watermelon and put it in the pot without cutting the root.

He started looking after it by providing water and fertilizer regularly.

The watermelon grew inside the pot so that the watermelon cannot be taken out.

Soon the watermelon became the size of the pot.

Then he cut the root of the watermelon and separate it with the pot.

He sends the pot of wit to the emperor Akbar with a message, “Please remove the wit without cutting the pot or breaking the pot.”

Akbar watched the watermelon in the pot and realized this would be Birbal.

He then went to the village and bring Birbal back.


Our brains are blessings to us. We should use it to help people and to protect ourselves.


We should train our brains so that every problem’s solution is taken out.

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