Banyan Deer

Banyan Deer

Here’s a Banyan Deer Story where the Banyan deer took out the solution for the doe and released all the deer from the deer garden.

Once there was a forest lived two herds of deer.

Every herd has five hundred deer and each herd has its king.

The first herd has a king named the banyan deer and the other herd’s king named branch deer.

Both the king deer were golden in color. There was a small kingdom near the forest.

The king loved to eat deer in every meal.

So, the subjects had to go hunt and due to this, the kingdom suffers a great loss.

So all the subjects gathered and took out a solution for the hunt.

They thought of making the royal garden into a deer garden.

They went to the forest and brought all the deer inside the royal garden and closed the gate.

So that no deer could move out of the gate.

They went to the king and asked him to see the deer garden.

The king was surprised to see them and as the king came out to see the deer he saw both king deer and started praising the charm.

Due to this, the king ordered whatever happens no one will kill the golden deer.

Every day the subjects came and hunt the deer and take them for the king’s meal.

Due to this, some other deer got hurt.

So to resolve the problem the king deer decided to sacrifice each deer from the herd.

So one day the time to sacrifice was the doe who gave birth to a small deer.

She went to the branch deer and said not to execute him because she has a small deer.

The branch deer told there is no option but to execute.

Then she went to the banyan deer and then he told her that I will go instead of you.

When the golden deer went to execute himself the subject saw it and told the king.

The king came running and asked the banyan deer why you want to execute himself.

The banyan deer told the story and after listening the king forgave the banyan deer and the doe.

Then the branch deer came and asked to leave the remaining deer.

After thinking for a while the king ordered to release of the deer.


Sometimes thinking wise and with the help of God, it results to the solution.


We see in life how people give up early and didn’t fight till the end.

So they end up giving their lives.

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