The strong and tall Tree Story

The Tree Story

Here’s The Tree Story who was proud and strong but one day when a huge storm arrived the strong and proud tree was seen lying on the ground.

Once there was a proud teak tree in the forest that just stood beside a small herb.

The tree was tall and strong.

The teak tree said to himself, “I am very handsome and strong, no one can defeat me.”

After listening to this the small herb said, “My dear friend don’t be so proud even the strong will fall one day.”

The teak tree became angry after listening to this.

But ignoring the words of the small herb he continued to praise himself.

One day a strong wind blew and at the same time it started raining heavily.

The teak tree stood firmly by spreading its leaves.

At the same time, the herb bowed low.

Then the teak tree started making fun of the small herb.

The small herb was feeling low but he didn’t tell him anything.

One day there was a storm in the forest.

The storm was for three days until it left the forest.

As the days passed the storm was growing stronger.

The small herb bowed down due to the storm and the strong teak tree could no longer bear it.

He felt his strength and gave away.

When it was clear after someday the small herb saw that the strong teak tree fell on the ground.

This was the end of the proud teak tree.


Do not make fun of those who are weak than you.


We see in life how people make fun of one’s bad situation.

But when they face the same situation then they understand that they made a huge mistake by laughing at others.

So if you are strong by the grace of God then you should thank God first.

And if God made you great then you are hope to many in this world.

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