Tag: Short story on nature with moral

Greedy Man Story a thick forest with a path

Greedy Man Story

Here’s a Greedy Man Story where a greedy man due to his greediness taste death because greedy mind becomes foolish and a step towards death. Once there was a tiger who lived in a forest. The thick forest lies between the two villagers. One day a rich merchant was passing by the thick forest. The […]

The Sad Peacock Story who was sad because of his voice

The Sad Peacock Story

Here’s The Sad Peacock Story where he wants a voice like a nightingale but the forest Goddess make him understand that everyone is unique. Once there was a peacock who opened his feathers and enjoyed the rain. The rain was so pleasant that the peacock was walking with joy and dancing in the rain. Every […]

Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler was resting under an orange tree

Story of Nature Beauty

Here’s Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler came to know that the nature has been made for us so we must enjoy its beauty. Let’s start the story. One day, traveler was crossing the desert with a bag on his back. He was searching on his way but found no tree to take rest. […]