Two Silly Goats Story of fighting

Two Silly Goats Story

Here’s a Two Silly Goats Story where the two goats met at a narrow bridge and started fighting. As a result they fell and drowned.

Once there was a small village near the town.

The village was filled with people and animals.

Two silly goats lived in the village.

Both the goats were equal and they often got into arguments with each other.

The two goats didn’t like each other.

A river passed by the forest in which a narrow bridge was built.

The bridge was so narrow that at a time only a single animal would cross the river.

One day one of the silly goats was crossing the river.

When he saw the other goat.

The other goat was also trying to cross the river.

Since the bridge was so narrow it was impossible for the two goats to cross the river at the same time.

Both the goats stood at the edge of the bridge.

They both were waiting for the other goat to go back.

Then the first goat said I want to go first so allow me to pass.

The other goat replied no you move aside.

I have come a long way so I shall pass first.

They continue to argue for a while and neither of them was willing to move.

Tired of waiting the two goats started to cross the bridge.

Soon they meet in the middle of the bridge.

They started arguing about who will cross first.

In no time the arguments started into pushes and blows.

They started pushing and fighting with each other.

The bridge was very small and there was very less space.

So, the two goats fell from the bridge.

As a result, they fell into the river and drowned.


Love your neighbor as yourself.


We see in life how we are living nowadays, we don’t even talk to our neighbors.

But what God tells us is that always ask your neighbor if they are short of something.

And when you celebrate then do invite your neighbors and make them a part of your happiness.

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