A rock in the road story

A rock in the road story

Why does the king put a rock in the road and hide in the bushes? Let’s start the story where we see how a farmer turns a problem into an opportunity.

In ancient times, a king commanded his men to set up a large stone at the middle of the road.

He then hid in the bushes to see if anyone would remove the stone from the road.

Some of the merchants and servants of the rich king passed by.

Rich Merchants criticized the king for not keeping the road clear, but no one has made a rock to remove it.

Later a farmer came with vegetables.

As his eyes went to the rock he put his load on the ground and tried to push the rock off the road.

After much pressure, he finally managed to clear the road from the rock.

After the farmer returned to his vegetables, he picked them up.

He sees a bag of money lying on the road where there was a rock.

He opened the bag of gold and a piece of paper from the king.

It says that the gold belonged to the man who removed the rock from the road.

The farmer went happily and giving blessings to the king.


As we see many opportunities come in the face of obstacles, while the lazy complain others will create opportunities with their kind hearts.


In today’s world, we see obstacles as our problems but when we see the problem as an opportunity, it becomes an opportunity to grow.

No one should think that the problem will defeat someone.

One must defeat the problem and be the captain of the problems.

So from now on get up from your comfort zones and start living your life with fullest and never miss an opportunity.

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