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God Helps Those Who Help Others so ticket collector checking tickets

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Once there was a girl who was traveling on a train. The train contains many other passengers so all the seats were full. The train stopped and an old man entered the train. It started and he was searching for an empty seat. When he came near the girl searching for the seat the old […]

Fruits Story of grapes
King Stories

Fruits Story

Here’s a fruits story where the farmer took grapes to the king and when he threw grapes on him he said God is very king and merciful. Once there was a king who loves fruits. So he ordered his servants to open a big orchard in his garden. The work continued for months and after […]

The Clever Old Woman Story

The Clever Old Woman Story

Here’s The Clever Old Woman Story where she has to choose among the three wishes but what she wished with her clever brain. Once there was an old woman who lived with her son and daughter-in-law. The old lady doesn’t have eyesight and was poor so she prays to God every day. Seeing her love […]

Story On Truth of a dear fearing hunter

Story On Truth

Here’s a Story On Truth where to save the life of deer the sage told a lie who was famous for speaking the truth. Once there was a sage who lived in a forest. He was famous for his policy of always speaking the truth. One day the sage was teaching his disciples about the […]

Short Story on God where an old woman smiles and in return the little boy also smiles.

Short Story on God

Here’s a Short Story on God is everywhere where you come to know when we smile then we also receive smiles in return. let’s start the story Once there was a boy who decided to meet God. He knew that the place where God lives is far so he packed his bag in which he […]