Angry Man Story on meditation

Angry Man Story

Here’s an Angry Man Story where he spitted on the face of the priest and then searching for him to forgive him. What the priest said let’ see.

There lived a very renowned priest of that time.

He was traveling from village to village to spread his teachings.

One day he went to a village.

The village people recognized him and want to listen to his discourse.

The priest started teaching people about intolerance and forgiveness.

He said, “anger is just like fire if you are angry then you are going to burn the heart of others and also turn yourself into ashes.

An angry person from the crowd stood up and said with a loud voice, “You are such a fool who is spreading such nuisance in our village, are you not ashamed?”

the priest ignored the man. due to this the person’s anger increased and went in front of the priest and spitted on his face.

After that, the angry man went. But the priest continued with his discourse.

The man went to his house and at night he was feeling regret.

The whole night he didn’t sleep thinking of what he did to the priest.

The next morning he went to the priest where he was teaching discourse.

He went there and he found no one there.

He came to know that he went to another village.

The man ran to another village and saw the priest was teaching his discourse.

He went and lay in front of the priest.

And said, “Please forgive me I did very bad to you.”

The priest said, “Who are you, and why do you want forgiveness?”

The man said, “Yesterday I spitted on your face.”

The priest said, “That was yesterday so I forget what happened if you are sorry then make a start from today and fill your life with good deeds. What you did was yesterday now your heart is pure so start a wonderful life from today leave the past behind.”

Listening to those words the tear starts flowing from the person’s eyes.

From now on he will start to control his anger and forgive in life so that his life becomes beautiful.


Doing wrong is not a big thing but accepting it is very hard. So accept your fault and start your beautiful life today.


We see in life how people do wrong and then don’t accept it.

They are the ones who will do wrong again and again and don’t accept.

So living a life with acceptance is far better than telling lies.

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