Touching Story About Prayer barren island

Touching Story About Prayer

Here’s a Touching Story About Prayer which will let us know the power of friend’s prayer which led him a beautiful life. let’s start the story.

Once there were two friends Raj and Shyam.

They both were good friends who lived nearby and studied in the same school.

Now they have become good colleagues.

One day they both decided to go on a voyage to discover the island.

They went on a voyage in the cruise boat and traveler so far.

One day a big storm came and break their cruise ship into pieces.

Many people were traveling died but somehow Raj and Shyam managed to escape to the nearby island.

The island was deserted and there were no trees.

So life on the island was very difficult.

They thought of praying because this is the only thing through which they can survive if God listens.

Raj thought of going to the east and start praying and Shyam went to the west and started praying.

Raj who went to the east started praying but nothing happened.

One day, when he prayed for food he sees food in front which was in a large quantity.

Raj was now happy because his prayers were fulfilled.

Then he requested a girl because he was feeling alone and remembering his wife.

So he saw a girl who need help was coming towards him.

Raj then married that girl and now he wants to go back home with that beautiful girl.

He prayed for a ship that could take the couple to the home.

Then a ship came to the seashore which will take the couple home.

When he was entering the ship a voice came which told him “You are forgetting someone which is most precious”

He replied, “No I have my beautiful wife with me, a ship which will take me home and a good amount of food, I am not forgetting anything”

Then the voice told him “You are leaving this island without your companion”

Then he remembered, he is forgetting his friend Shyam who was in the west.

He ran to find him but didn’t get it.

Then the voice told him, “I am God and I am not fulfilling your prayer rather your friend’s prayer. His only wish was to fulfill all the prayers which Raj was doing”

Raj sat there and started crying and cursing himself for his selfish wishes.

Then Raj asked where is Shyam, the God replied “I took him and promised him that I will fulfill his friend’s prayer.”


Not everybody’s prayers are powerful but the one whose heart is pure and kind.


We see in life how we are selfish that we only think of ourselves forgetting that there are parents, friends and family.

We always think to fulfill our desires but then forget about our ones.

So let’s start living for them to fulfill their dreams.

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