Farmer And His Son Story of a coffin

Farmer And His Son Story

Here’s a Farmer And His Son Story where his son put the farmer inside the coffin and went to hill. Then what the farmer said let’s see.

Once there was a farmer who worked very hard to earn a living.

When his son grew then he started working less.

The day came when his age didn’t allow him to work in the fields.

He used to sit on the couch and look at his son working on the field.

The days passed by and his son used to work alone in the fields.

One day when his son was farming he saw his father sitting on the couch doing nothing.

So he thought to himself he’s of no use anymore, he doesn’t do anything.

One day his son got frustrated by this and he made a wooden coffin.

He dragged the coffin to the couch where his father was sitting.

Then he told his father to get into the coffin.

Without saying anything his father went into the coffin.

Then he closed the coffin and climbed to the edge of the farm where there was a high cliff.

When he reached there he heard a sound that was coming from the coffin.

The sound was of knocking on the wooden coffin.

So his son opened the coffin.

His father was lying peacefully inside the coffin.

His father said I know that you are going to throw me over the cliff so before you do so I want to suggest you something.

“What is it?”, replied the son.

His father said, “Throw me over the cliff if you like but save this good wooden coffin, your children might need to use it one day.”

As he listened he grabbed his father and started crying.


You will be judged by people on how you treat them because what you will do today will determine who you will be tomorrow.


We see in life how we hate people that love us so much.

We are respecting them as we respect our loved ones.

So greet people with dignity and don’t ever hurt anyone.

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