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A House on Fire Story

Here’s A House on Fire Story where we learn how mind controls the body and behavior, if you think good your behavior will be good. let’s start the story.

There was a man who lived in the city.

He made a very beautiful house and everyone who see praises the man.

One day the man goes out of station for some work.

When he returned home after a day he sees that there was smoke coming out of his house.

He ran to the house but suddenly the house got fire.

He pleaded with everyone for help but none came for help instead they all were looking to the burning house.

Then his first son came and told his father that why are you worried father?

The father replied to his son that our house is burning and I am not able to do anything.

The son said, “Oh father you don’t know, when you were out of town I have made a deal with a businessman who was ready to pay me three times the price of the house. And without asking you, I sold the house to him.”

The father after listening to his elder son without any worry joined the people who were seeing the burning house.

Then his second son came and told his father, “Our house is burning and you are standing here and seeing the house burning?”

His father replied now this house is not ours your brother has sold it to a businessman.

Second son replied I know but the deal was not confirmed and also the party has not given the money.

His father again pleaded with the people to help him save his house from burning.

Then his third son came and told his father that do not worry I am coming from that man’s house.

He has given the money which elder brother had deal with.

After knowing that the house was burning he didn’t move an inch back with his word and paid me the money.

Then his father again relaxed and thanked the man who gave him three times the money after knowing that the house is burning.


Our behavior depends on our thinking if we think good then our behavior will also be good and if we think bad our behavior will also be bad.


After reading this story it’s very clear that our body depends on our mind.

The way the mind thinks the body acts according to it.

So tell your mind that everything is well and do not let anything occupy your mind with bad things.

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