Greedy Story of a boy who lost

Greedy Story

Here’s a Greedy Story where a boy who was so greedy that he lost what he was getting and due to greedy thoughts he lost everything.

Once there were two twin boys named Ravi and Mohan.

They both look so similar that who is Ravi and who is Mohan was very difficult to find out.

The only thing that could make difference in their nature.

Ravi was a very gentle boy but Mohan was very greedy.

Ravi loved to eat healthy foods whereas Mohan loves to eat food from outside.

They can only be found out with their nature.

Even their mom finds it difficult to identify who is Ravi and who is Mohan.

One day when they grew up father wanted to equally divide the fortune between them.

But Mohan who was greedy wanted more of the fortune so he told his father to keep a competition who will win will get the bigger portion of the share.

His father agreed and Ravi both agreed to the competition.

Father told to his sons, “whoever returns home before sunset after walking from the morning will win the bigger share of the fortune.”

Mohan was happy and both went walking and they both have a watch where the steps were counted.

They all walked the whole day and when the sun was setting Ravi decided to return home but Mohan thought he will walk one more mile and then return home.

He thought that the more I will walk more share of fortune I will get. Ravi reached home before sunset but Mohan didn’t return before sunset.

Due to his greed for walking more miles, he failed to return home on time.

So Ravi won the prize of more fortune and Mohan lost the race.


As long as greed is stronger than compassion there will always be suffering.


We see in life how people fall into their own trap due to Greedy thoughts and never come out of them.

Rather they have to face failure in their life.

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