two pebbles story

Two Pebbles Story

Here’s Two Pebbles Story through which the message is conveyed is the mind need to be sharp to take decision as fast as it can.

Once there was a farmer who lived in a village.

There was a moneylender in the village who has given a loan to the farmer.

Due to misfortune farmer had no money left to return to the moneylender.

The farmer has a daughter who was very beautiful.

As the moneylender knew that the farmer was not able to return his money the moneylender proposed to the girl.

And said “if you marry me then you be the wife of the moneylender and your father’s debt will forgiven.”

After proposing her both father and daughter frightened.

The next day the moneylender thought of an idea, in a box he will put both black and white pebble and the daughter of the farmer will have to take out a pebble.

But the condition was If she took out black pebble then she has to marry the moneylender and become his wife also her father’s debts will forgiven.

If she took out white pebble then she doesn’t have to marry the moneylender and the farmer’s debts forgiven.

In both, the condition her father’s debt will forgiven so she decided to play the game.

The next day people gathered to see what the decision is so they meat at the road where contain the pebbles.

The moneylender took both the black pebbles and put them inside the box.

The daughter of the farmer saw it and started thinking deeply.

Now the moneylender told to pick one pebble from the box and decide the future.

The girl after knowing that the box contains both the black pebbles she took out the pebble.

As she took out the pebble she put It in between the hands and show that the pebble has fallen by mistake.

No one saw the pebble is of which color.

Then the girl said, “Oh my god the pebble has fallen but don’t worry the next pebble’s color will decide what color pebble I took out first”.


Every problem has a solution the thing that matters is the way of thinking.


We see in life how people stuck with problems and never come out of them.

So train your mind sharp so that in every situation the mind has the solution.

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