Don t Judge Others Story of a peer tree

Don t Judge Others Story

Here’s Don’t Judge Others Story where the man teaches his four sons not to judge others by only seeing only a single season of their life.

Once there was a man who has four young sons.

One day the man decided to teach them a lesson.

So he decided to send them on a journey one after the other to a distant peer tree.

Each son went in a different season.

The first son in winter, the second one in spring, and so on.

At the end of the year, he brought his children and asked them about the journey and what they saw.

The first son who went in winter told that the tree he saw was ugly, barren, and twisted that stood against the land.

The son who went in spring disagreed.

He said the branches have green leaves sparkling in the sun and standing still against the land.

The third son who traveled in summer disagreed.

He said the beautiful was covered with beautiful blossoms.

Now the last son who traveled in the last disagreed again.

He said the tree was covered with sweet and delicious fruits which he had never eaten before.

The father listened carefully. He listened to all his four sons describing the pear tree differently.

Finally, the father said that they all are correct because they saw only a season of the pear tree’s life.

The father explained to his sons that it is foolish to judge someone in this manner.

No matter whether it’s a tree or a man they can only be measured as a whole at the end of the year.

He continued that if you see the winter and judge them then you will miss the beautiful and sweet fruits in summer.

His sons listened quietly and understand the lesson.


You need to know the actual story before you judge it.


We see in life how people break their relationship with only a single mistake and judge them too early.

So refuse to judge yourself and others, by doing so your life will become beautiful.

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