Father and his Sons Story Moral where father felt sorry

Father and his Sons Story Moral

Here’s a Father and his Sons Story Moral where a son who wants to buy his father’s one hour time in exchange of money. let’s see

Once there was a man working hard for his living.

One day when he was returning from his work his little son was waiting at the door.

When the man entered his house he saw his son waiting for him.

His son got happy to see his father home and hugged him.

Father asked his son what happened today why are you doing it like this.

His son asked his father a question, “how much you earn in an hour?”

After listening to this his father got angry and said, “Why are you asking, this is none of your business

Son requested his father to give him the answer.

Making up his mind father replied to his son, “100Rs an hour”

Then the boy asked his father, “I want 50Rs you will give me?”

Then his father angrily told his son if you want to buy toys or any game then go inside your room and sleep.

The little boy without saying anything went to his bedroom.

When the man got fresh and thought with calm mind then he thought that his son never asked for so much money there is something he wanted to buy.

He went to his son’s room and sat beside him and said you are sleeping, son.

The little boy replied no father.

Father gave his son 50Rs note and told him to keep it.

His son yelled and thanked his father for the money.

As father wanted to ask what he will do with the money the little boy put his hand under the pillow and took out more money.

His father got angry when he saw more money and said angrily if you have money then why have you asked for more money.

The little boy counted the money and put it in his father’s hand.

The little boy said, “This is 100Rs can I buy your one-hour time? Please come home early because I want to have dinner with you”

After listening to this the father stunned.

He put his arm around his son and felt sorry for getting angry at him.


We never give time to the person who is valuable to us and when they are gone then the real value is felt.


We see in life how people regret when their loved ones are gone but if they spent their time with their loved ones there will no regret remain in their life.

So you hard-working people give time to your loved ones.

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