God Has A Plan man in forest

God Has A Plan

Here’s God Has A Plan Story where the sage shows the lazy man the right way as he went on the wrong way. then he understood let’s see.

Once there was a lazy man who lived in a village.

He was so lazy that he want food without any hard work.

One day when he was wandering around the countryside he saw an apple tree.

So he decided to steal some apples to eat.

As soon as he tried to pluck the apples the farmer saw him.

The farmer was heading toward the man so the man got scared.

The lazy man ran towards the forest to hide.

While walking through the forest he saw an old wolf with two legs.

The man was shocked to see the old wolf and started thinking about how is he surviving in this forest with two legs.

The wolf could not run or feed himself and there are threats in the forest.

Suddenly he saw a lion coming toward the wolf with a piece of meat in his mouth.

The lazy man climbed up the tree to save him.

The wolf can’t run so he stayed there.

Then the man saw that the lion left the piece of meat in front of the wolf and left.

The lazy man was happy to see God’s plan.

Then he thought that God must have a plan for him too. so he sat under a tree and waited for someone to feed him.

He waited there for two days without any food.

So he couldn’t wait for long as he was hungry and left the place.

Then he find a sage and told everything to him.

The sage told the lazy man, “It’s true that God has a plan for everyone and you are a part of it. But son you took its sign in a wrong way, he didn’t want to be like the wolf he wanted you to be like the lion.”


Sometimes we misread God’s signs and go in the wrong way.


We see in life how we take god’s sign in the wrong way and then we get into problems.

So sit and think about God’s sign that you misread and fall into problems.

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