Miracle Story in English

Miracle Story in English

Here is a Miracle Story in English where you will learn how to find out childish act with your inner child. Let’s start the story.

One day a little girl with a piggy bank went to the medical store.

There was a large crowd at the medical store so the man who worked there did not get the little girl’s attention.

He was beaten several times but because of the crowd, the man did not hear him.

After a rage he put his pig bank on the table so hard that everyone could see the girl.

Then a man at a drugstore asks him what he wants a little girl?

The little girl said innocent, “I want a miracle“.

After listening to the man in the shop and the crowd do not understand what he was saying.

The man replied that a miracle was not for sale here.

Then the girl said, “You have it, tell me how much I will pay you and I will not go without buying a miracle“.

At the counter, a man asked the girl why she wanted a miracle.

She then told the story.

She said she had a brother and a few days back she had headaches and our parents took her to the hospital.

Those days passed but my brother never returned home.

I asked my parents many times but they never said anything.

They always told him that he would come tomorrow or the next day.

Then one day my mother cried and I heard my dad tell her that I didn’t have enough money for his medicine and treatment.

The only thing that can save him is the miracle.

He thought that his father did not have more money than I had.

So I took the pig bank where I saved the money and brought it to the drugstore.

The man in the crowd asked him how much money there was in the piggy bank.

After listening to this he took a pig’s bank and threw it down.

After breaking that pig bank he started counting the money.

All the people in the crowd stood around him.

After a while he collected all the coins in his hand and said I was 19rs.

The man then smiled and said to her wow she has all the money this is a miracle cost.

As she listened she was very happy and told him to meet her father.

It was later discovered that the man was not a normal man who was a neurosurgeon and had operated on his brother for only 19 rs.

One day the boy was back home and the whole family was happy.


In real life, there is a child inside who will never give up because that child is not yet ready to listen to the word “No”.

The conclusion

We see in life how disappointed we are when we face a small problem and then give up.

But inside us, there is a child who never gives up hope and who always keeps trying.

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