The Clever Old Woman Story

The Clever Old Woman Story

Here’s The Clever Old Woman Story where she has to choose among the three wishes but what she wished with her clever brain.

Once there was an old woman who lived with her son and daughter-in-law.

The old lady doesn’t have eyesight and was poor so she prays to God every day.

Seeing her love and devotion one day God appeared to her and asked, “I loved the devotion towards me so what do you want old lady?”

The lady replied, “I don’t know what to ask for?”

God said, “If you don’t want anything then you can ask your son and daughter-in-law.”

She went to her son and told him about the appearance of God and the wish.

Her son said, “Mom let’s ask for wealth.”

Then she went to her daughter-in-law and told her about God and asked what do you want.

She replied, “Let’s ask God for a grandson.”

The old lady was confused as her son want wealth and her daughter-in-law want a grandson.

She then went to her friend and asked for the solution.

Her friend replied, “You should have asked for your eyesight.”

The old woman went to her home and thought for a while and asked herself about what she wanted.

The old woman thought to herself as her son wants wealth, her daughter-in-law wants a grandson and she wants her eyesight.

The next day the voice of God asked the old woman about her wish.

The old woman asked the god, “I want to see my grandson drinking milk in a golden bow.”

The god replied and said, “You have tricked me, old lady.

You asked for everything in a single wish.”

God has her what she wanted. Because of the clever thinking of the old woman the family got all that they desire.


A clever person solves a problem by listening to the brain, not the heart.


We see in life how people didn’t handle the situation and fall into a trap.

If the person has a clever mind then he doesn’t get into any problem.

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