A man with a Beautiful Heart

A man with a Beautiful Heart

Once there was a young man who believed to have a nice, beautiful, and young heart.

Standing in the middle of the streets he announced that he has a very nice heart.

Hearing the announcement the crowd gathered in the middle of the town to see the heart of the young man.

Everyone looked the heart to be very nice and young.

Everybody believed that the heart of the young man is precious.

With all his power he shouted in the middle of the town that he has a beautiful heart.

Then a voice came from the crown that your heart is not beautiful as mine.

The young man searched for the voice but that voice with the old man come out to the center of the crowd.

The old man showed his heart to the young man and the crowd.

After seeing the heart of the old man everybody started laughing and said this heart is not beautiful it seems nice but has marks, somewhere it has been cut and has scars.

Like a part of the heart cut and another piece put into place.

The other piece not put in place and all over the heart, there were scars.

The heart looks healthy but not beautiful as the young man has.

The young man also laughed after seeing the heart.

The young man said, “How would you even compare your heart with mine, your heart has scars and cut but mine is beautiful and shining”

There’s silence all over then the old man replied to the crowd and the young man.

My heart is not beautiful so what but it is healthy and still beating.

The scars are the ones whom I believed the most but they don’t believe me.

The cuts were those who I gave the heart they cut and returned to me.

The part of the heart which is not perfectly placed are the pieces whom I have given my piece of heart and in return, they also gave their piece of heart.

The rough surface of the heart reminds me of the love I shared.

The old man asked everybody, “You see my heart which is not beautiful and has scars but has true beauty?”

Everybody including the young man put their head down and tears were rolling out.


Beautiful Heart is not important but the heart which has faced many problems but is still beating like the young man’s heart.


We see in life how people lose when their heart breaks but this is life no matter what the situation is we have to face every problem in our life and defeat them and walk forward.

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