Letter From God

Letter From God

Here’s a Letter From God Very Inspiring Story to read where we know if we want to serve God then we have to only help the one who are needy.

Once there was a lady who lives in New York.

One day she got a mail which has no stamp and no postmark.

It has only her name and her address.

She got surprised but she opened the letter.

The letter wrote, “Hey lady I am coming to your neighborhood and want to visit your home today evening, love always Jesus”

After reading the story, the lady got happy.

But when she visited her kitchen then she knew that she don’t have anything to offer to Jesus.

She checked her purse and found three dollars.

Then she took the dollars and rushed to the market.

She bought some loaf of bread and a container of milk.

When she was returning to her home a voice came and she stopped herself.

The voice was of a poor man with his wife who was dirty and wearing ripped clothes.

The man requested the lady, “Madam I don’t have any job and we are hungry, it’s so cold and we really need help.”

The lady denied and said, “I am also a poor lady and all the stuff is for someone special coming to my home as a guest”

The man replied, “No problem we can understand”

Then they both went away.

After that, the lady felt very bad and called the couple.

She gave all the stuff which she bought and said, I will figure out something for my guest.

Then the man’s wife was shivering with cold so she took her court and gave it to the girl.

The couple was happy and they left.

The lady was shivering with cold and thinking what to offer when Jesus will come to her home.

As she entered her house she found and letter.

She read, “It was so nice to meet you, thank you for the lovely meal and also for the beautiful coat. Love always Jesus


Helping is the best way to serve God.


We see in life how people purchase and waste food in the name of God.

If we provide a meal for the needy then it’s equal to serving God.

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