Master And Disciple stayed a night at a house

Master And Disciple

Once there was a master and a disciple.

They were crossing a village and the sun sets.

So the disciple said the master to take some rest.

The master agreed to the disciple as it was dawn.

They knocked on the nearby door and asked if they would allow them to stay for a night.

The house owner agreed and welcomed them. the master asked the man how do you earn a living?

The man said he has a buffalo so he earns by selling the milk of the buffalo.

Then they had food and went to sleep. In the morning the master woke up quietly.

Then the disciple woke up and the master took the buffalo with them.

On the way, the disciple asked his master how will the man earn his living as the buffalo was their only hope.

The master looked at the disciple and smiled.

Ten years passed and the disciple now became the master.

He thought that one day his master bought a buffalo from a house so he decided to go to the house and see its condition.

When he went to the house he saw that there was no house instead a palace was built there.

And there was a garden which has many fruit trees.

He went inside and recognize the man.

He told the man that he once came with his master to stay for a night in his house.

He then remembered and said, “Yes when you both left the house my buffalo also left and after searching for days didn’t find it. Then I thought of farming and I worked hard in the field and now I became the richest person in the village.”

The master’s eyes were filled with tears and now got the answer to the question.


All powers are within you, you can do anything and everything.


We see in life how people don’t take action and fear the result.

If they dare to take action then they would fly like an eagle up above the clouds.

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