a true servant story of fried chicken

A True Servant Story

Here’s A True Servant Story where the servant knew his cunning landlord so he replied after eating his chicken and juice.

Once a farmer bought a plate of roasted chicken and a bottle of juice for his landlord.

The landlord wants to take the food home so he called his servant.

The landlord was cunning so he didn’t want his servant to know about the food.

So, he told his servant carefully take the bird to the home as the clothe cover will remove the bird will fly away.

And the bottle contains poison so if you sniff you will die.

The Servant nodded his head and went away.

He knew the landlord so on his way he finds a comfortable place and sat down with things.

When he removed the cloth, he saw roasted chicken and a bottle of juice.

He ate all chicken and drank all the juice.

On the other hand, when the landlord reached his home and said to his wife to serve the food.

His wife replied, “wait a minute the food isn’t prepared yet.”

The landlord said, “Give me the roasted chicken and bottle of juice, that will be enough.”

She said, “I didn’t get any chicken and juice yet and the servant hasn’t returned yet.”

The landlord without eating anything get up in anger and went to his working place.

There he saw the servant was sleeping peacefully.

He wakes him up by shouting at him and asked where is my food?

The servant replied, “On my way home there was so much wind that the cloth cover got removed, and as you said if the cloth is removed then the bird will fly away. So, the bird fly away, and in fear of punishment, I opened the bottle and drank the poison. Now I am waiting for my death.”


If the person is bad then you have to become bad and if the person is good then you have to be good to teach them the lesson.


We see in life how people don’t behave well with the ones who work for them.

If the landlord keeps their servants happy then their work will flourish day by day by the grace of God.

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