Clay Balls Story in seashore

Clay Balls Story

Here’s a Clay Balls Story where the man found clay balls which he threw into the ocean but later he found jewels worth of thousand dollars

One day a man decided to explore the sea shore.

He started hunting for unique things on the seashore.

After searching for days one day he found a small cave near the ocean.

He was curious to know how the cave was built and what was inside.

He slowly entered his hand inside the small cave.

S he found a bag of plastic.

He thought that it might be garbage.

When he took out and lift the plastic up he feels it to be heavy.

Then he thought of opening the bag and looking inside.

When he opened the plastic bag he found sand balls.

It seems that someone had made balls of sand and kept them in plastic.

There were around fifty sand balls inside the plastic.

He stood up and threw them one by one into the ocean.

After throwing many sand balls one of them falls from his hand and breaks.

When he picked it up he saw a shining beautiful piece of stone.

This excited the man and he break all the sand balls.

Each of the sand balls contains different types of precious stones.

He found thousands of dollars worth of jewels inside the remaining sand balls.

There were around twenty sand balls left with him.

He thought that he threw many sand balls into the ocean around lakhs of dollars worth of jewels.

Now he started thinking of the jewels he threw into the ocean.

He started the search for those sand balls which are now under the water.

If he had all the jewels then he would be a billionaire in his country.


The time we have is precious so don’t waste it on others rather find the real treasure in yourself.


We see in life how people judge the others by seeing what’s outside the clay ball.

There we do mistake if we break those clays, inside then we will find the real worth of jewels in ourselves.

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