Best Story on Honesty painted boat

Best Story on Honesty

Here’s a Best Story on Honesty where the painter first fix the whole of the boat and then painted the boat, landlord gave him reward too.

Once there was a man who lived in a village named Aslam.

He was an honest man but since he was poor he paint houses to earn his living.

His earnings were very less so his life was full of struggle.

The entire day of hard work can only provide him with two meals a day.

One day a landlord called him and asked Aslam to paint his boat.

Aslam said ok and they agreed on 500Rs.

The landlord of the village told that he needs the work to complete by today itself.

Then he took Aslam near the river and showed him the boat.

After seeing the boat Aslam asked for some time and he went away to bring his stuff.

As Aslam returned to the boat and started painting the boat.

As he was painting the boat, he saw a hole in the boat.

He thought that if he will paint the boat without fixing the hole then the boat will sink.

So he blocked the hole and painted the boat.

Then he went to the landlord and told him that the work is finished and he can see the boat.

Both of them went near the boat.

After seeing the boat landlord said to Aslam, “Oh wow you have done tremendous work. do me a favor visit me tomorrow morning and collect your money.”

Aslam said ok and headed towards home.

The family of the landlord went on the boat for sightseeing.

The landlord was at his home and his servant arrived.

The servant asked the landlord where are the family member as he didn’t see them.

The landlord told him and then the servant look stressed.

Landlord asked why are you worried.

The servant said the boat has a hole in it.

After a few minutes, the family of the landlord returned home.

After seeing his family all right the landlord felt relief.

The next day when Aslam went to collect cash he noticed that he got 5000Rs.

He said that it is more than we agreed to.

The landlord told him to keep it as a reward.


Honesty is a very expensive gift. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.


We see in life how people see their profits and then they work.

So in today’s world, there are very less people left who are honest.

So keep your heart pure and work so that after your death there shouldn’t be a single person who would say that he was a cheater.

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