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Inspiring Story about Love

Here’s an Inspiring Story about Love which will let us know the real value of love. How success and wealth follow love let’s see.

Once there were three old friends sitting outside a house.

The woman of the house when came out, she sees three old men were sitting outside her house.

After seeing them for some time she approached and said come home and have something to eat.

They looked at each other and replied, “Is your husband there in your house?”

She replied no he had gone for work.

One of the old men told let your husband return home then we will talk.

The woman agreed and went inside her house.

When her husband came back from work she narrated what happened and the man told his wife to call them inside so that they can have food.

The woman goes outside and tell them that my husband is home and calling you all for food.

One of the old men stood up and pointed his finger to his first friend and said he is Success and then pointed his finger to the next friend and said he is Wealth and I am love. One important thing is that we will not come together inside your house.

The women get back to his husband and narrated the story.

The man told his wife to call the wealth and the house will be full of Wealth. But his wife was not agreed with him and suggested to call Success so that we all will be successful.

Their daughter-in-law was listening to it and said to call Love so that our house will be full of love.

The husband and wife agreed to her and the woman goes to call the love.

When the women told the love to come inside our house and have some food. The Love stood up and started walking but the other two also stood up and started walking behind the love.

The woman asked, “I have only called Love inside the house why the other two are coming”.

The old man answered, “If you would have called Success or Wealth then the other two would have seated but you called Love so Success and Wealth will come behind love”.


In real life, Success and Wealth always follow Love.


Today we see how people are running for success and wealth but they don’t know if they achieve love then wealth and success will also be achieved.

Never forget to follow the love and not the wealth nor success.

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