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Is Success Luck or Hard Work

Here’s a story, Is Success Luck or Hard Work in which how a vendor makes a man understand who has a locker and key in the bank.

Once there was a man who lived in town.

One vegetable seller comes every day to the streets.

The man and his neighbor purchase vegetables from him so they talk with each other.

The man regularly purchases vegetables from him so he has made him his friend.

They talk daily on every topic and laugh and giggle.

One day the man asked the vegetable vendor, “what do you think success comes from hard work or luck?”

After listening to the question the vegetable vendor smiled a little and asked the man, “do you have a locker in the bank?”

The man replied yes.

Then the vendor replied the locker where you keep all your expensive stuff is unlocked by the key so that key is my answer.

The man got confused and asked, “what did you just say and what does it really mean?”

The vendor said let me explain and the man stood there quiet and listening.

The vendor said you have a locker and you unlock the locker with the key.

That key has a duplicate one which is with the bank manager and both the keys has to present then only the locker will be unlocked.

The man replied yes it’s right.

That’s what the vendor was trying to make the man understand that is life, the key you hold is hard work and the key the bank manager holds is luck.

Both the key has to be present then only one must be successful in life.

So we must always work hard so that the key which is in god’s hand might open the door to success.

If we don’t work hard then god will definitely close the door of success.


One must not depend on luck hard work is the key to success.


We see in life how people sit and say how they will become great.

But they don’t know by sitting they cannot become so great.

They have to go outside work hard and apply the force in the right direction also.

There is a saying hard work is a key to success but the right phrase is hard work in the right direction is the key to success.

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